Material yang kita gunakan

Materials Wood

Wood13 Wood14


Wood8 Wood7

Wood19 Wood5



JJ Marine has carpenters, joiners and wooden boat specialists.

We execute cold moulded hull construction, strip planked boats

and carvel planked boats.

As an Indonesian Boatbuilder we are one of the few yards

that can build your Classic boat including wooden mast construction.

Only your imagination limits what JJ Marine can achieve with wood.

Materials Plywood

Why does an Indonesian Boatbuilder build in plywood?

Methods such as the WEST system have made plywood/epoxy a composite.

Classic boats, including carvel planked boats can be replicated.

Plywood and epoxy are available for Indonesia boat construction.

Variety of designs and price ranges available.

Materials Ferrocement

Wood is getting harder to source for building traditional Phinisis.

We have on the drawing board a G.A. for traditional hull and decks in ferrocement boat construction.

With a wood finished superstructure, and interior, it would be difficult to tell that the hull is in fact made from ferrocement.

Advantages :

- Readily available supplies of steel, cement and semi-skilled workers.

- Can be built anywhere a steel framed tent can be erected.

- Semi-skilled workers can be easily trained.

- Build errors can be easily prevented.

- Skilled workers for plastering can be readily sourced.

- Less environmental impact.

- Lower cost than any other material.

- Hull displacement is similar to a wood built Phinisi.

- Lower hull maintenance costs and longer life.

- Easily repaired or altered

- Less hull damage when in collisions with reefs and other obstacles.

Disadvantages :

- Labour intensive and only suitable for one-off productions.

- Corrosion of steel reinforcements if not properly prepared.


Materials Alumunium Hull

Alumunium1 Alumunium10


Alumunium15 Alumunium20

Alumunium16 Alumunium19



JJ Marine has completed a number of fit-outs of an aluminium hull.

Let us know your requirements for an aluminium hull as we can help with design, build and project completion.


Materials Indonesia Glass Fibre Boats

Fibreglass2 Fibreglass18


Fibreglass1 Fibreglass3

Fibreglass9 Fibreglass14



JJ Marine employs a dedicated Indonesia glass fibre boat building team.

Whether you require a one-off moulding, or a series production boat,

we can help with Indonesia Glass Fibre Boats.

Traditional Outrigger



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