Materials Ferrocement

Wood is getting harder to source for building traditional Phinisis.

We have on the drawing board a G.A. for traditional hull and decks in ferrocement boat construction.

With a wood finished superstructure, and interior, it would be difficult to tell that the hull is in fact made from ferrocement.

Advantages :

- Readily available supplies of steel, cement and semi-skilled workers.

- Can be built anywhere a steel framed tent can be erected.

- Semi-skilled workers can be easily trained.

- Build errors can be easily prevented.

- Skilled workers for plastering can be readily sourced.

- Less environmental impact.

- Lower cost than any other material.

- Hull displacement is similar to a wood built Phinisi.

- Lower hull maintenance costs and longer life.

- Easily repaired or altered

- Less hull damage when in collisions with reefs and other obstacles.

Disadvantages :

- Labour intensive and only suitable for one-off productions.

- Corrosion of steel reinforcements if not properly prepared.


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