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Project Vessel

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JJ Marine converts Indonesia Boats from conception, to Design fit-out and final build. For example :

· This Indonesian Boatbuilder converted Phinisis for luxury hotels.

· A small ship was extended and refitted in Surabaya for a pearl farm to Australian Class standards.

· We can even take on your Super Yacht Fit-out in Indonesia.

Let us quote for your conversion project, at whatever stage of build you are considering.

Project Repair

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From dry-docking a Phinisi, to an Indonesia marine engine overhaul, we have the skills and staff to cover all of your repair needs.

Emergency repairs can be carried out in Indonesian waters to get you to a safe haven.

Riding squads, or inter-island technicians for running repairs to cover :

· Wood Work

· Indonesia Glass Fibre Boat Work

· Electrical Systems

· Indonesia Marine Engineering

· Fabrication and Welding

· Bali Boats

We have extensive experience of booking dry-dock space and alongside wharf space (with security) in Surabaya.

JJ Marine, your Indonesian Boatbuilder can manage the repair schedule.

All Indonesia Marine materials are sourced at Surabaya.

Project Future

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- Classic Boats

- Traditional Boats

- Wooden Boats

- Dive Boat Constructions

- Phinisis

- Catamarans

- Carvel Planked Boats

- Strip Planked Boats

- Cold Moulded Hull Construction

- Ferrocement Boat Construction

- Alumunium Hull

- Vessel Conversion

- Super Yacht Fit-Out

- Bali Boats

- Indonesia Glass Fibre Boats

- Wooden Mast Contruction

- Traditional Outtrigger


Project Maintance

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JJ Marine advises clients on Indonesia boat maintenance schedules.

We maintain boats that we have had a hand in designing or building.

Planned maintenance areas we cover include :

· Engine and systems

· Auxilliary Engines and Systems

· Electrical Systems

· Navigation and Safety Systems

· Fire Fighting Systems and Plan

· Bilge and Ballast Systems

· Fuel and Transfer Systems

· Hotel Systems Including Pumps and Valves

· Hull Especially if Wood

· Through Hull Fittings

· Bali Boats

We book dry-dock space and alongside wharf space (with security) in Surabaya.

JJ marine manages your Indonesia Boat maintenance schedule.

Source all materials from this Indonesian Boatbuilder in Surabaya.

Project Hotel

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JJ Marine has converted various Phinisi and Bali Boats for luxury hotels.

We Design hotel services systems including plumbing and air-conditioning.

Let us help you realise your dream Indonesia Boat.



Project Furniture

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We currently design and build for Bali Boats :

- Teak Deck Furniture

- Hardwood decking

- Hardwood Fittings

- Hardwood trim


Projects Fit Outs

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The fit-out for a vessel, whether a  Phinisi hull, or another Indonesia Boat design,can use up over half of total build budget.

The project management methods JJ Marine use ensure on-time delivery, to specification and budget.

A  JJ Marine quote for even your Super Yacht Fit-out can include :

· Full survey of hull and machinery

· Vessel Conversion

· Design of Agreed Systems

· Source Local Materials

· Employment of Indonesia Boat Workforce to fit Systems

· Book Alongside Wharfage

· Book and Oversee Dry-Dock Space

· Provide Security



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