JJ Global Indo is an Authorized Dealer for Jotun Marine and Protective Coatings in Bali.


We are a company engaged in Jotun marine services for boat painting and coating — using modern technology for paint mixer processing machine and top quality products.


Our aim is to provide professional and quality services fulfilling the requirements of our clients. We take pride in our honesty, integrity, consistency and competence.


Our office in Bali and Surabaya are independently owned and operated and we take personal pride ensuring we exceed the demanding expectations of our valued clients.

OUR VALUES, that you can trust

JJ Global Indo established in 2000 as a company providing products, services and maintenance, especially in the field of boat/yacht painting and coating products.

As a Jotun appointed dealer for Indonesian registered company, our skills, training and supervision are equivalent to international standards — supported by our accomplished team of experts we look forward to bringing our expertise to your project.

Our solutions include products with verified speed loss and fuel savings, unrivalled lifetime protection of steel and certified cargo hold and water ballast tank protection.

Aside marine coating products, JJ Global Indo is also appointed as an authorized dealer for Jotun protective coating products in Indonesia.

The world's leading marine paint supplier

Jotun is a world leader in hull performance – delivering verified average speed loss and fuel savings across our range of state-of-the-art anti-fouling coatings and through revolutionary solutions such as Hull Skating Solutions. With almost 100 years’ experience in corrosion protection, at Jotun we have tailor-made anticorrosive coatings for new buildings and dry docking – including solvent-free and low-VOC products.

Jotun Marine

Authorized Dealer Indonesia

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